Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dan's Second Brain Surgery

I'm going to Florida next week. It's time for my baby brother Dan yearly surgery.  He likes me to go with him to his Doctor appointments and his many hospital stays because I asked the Doctors important questions like "do y'all serve cocktails here" or "did y'all give Dan a vasectomy while he was out?" and other    appertaint things to get Dan's mind off his latest medical procedure.  Last time he had surgery at Mayo, the room we were in had movies you could order, right there in the room, and also, excellent room service, and better than average food, but no cocktail service.

Once when Dan was in the hospital in Dublin, for goiter surgery, Steve Graham, our cousin was in the room with me when they brought Dan back from surgery. The nurses said that Dan had awful stomach gas, (we have discussed Dan's eating habits previously, so all of you who have read my blogs know of Dan's digestive problems).  Steve asked the nurses if they could just put Dan outside until his gas passed.  They thought it was a good idea, but said it was against hospital policy.  Dan had goiter surgery, and had a huge bandage on his neck. Steve and I quickly decided it would be best to down play the size of the bandage, so when Dan woke up and wanted to know how it looked, we both told him it was a very small incision. Our plan worked well until our brother, Tim, came in and asked Dan why had they cut his head half way off. 

Grahams like to have the following items with them at all times, flashlights, weapons, and drop cords.  Before they took Dan to surgery, I was going through his bag and found a 50' drop cord, personally, I had a 12' in my car, and when Steve showed up, he had  an industrial drop cord that looked like it was capable of running directly to Vogtle in Waynesboro, GA. Steve also had a generator on the back of his truck. Dan like knowing, before he goes into any surgery, that we have a back up plan, in case of a major power failure. 

I'm going to be with my family in Florida for about 6 weeks.  I am really looking forward to it, while Dan might be getting cut on, the trip is like a mini-vacation for me. I'll get to spend time with my two brothers and their families, and my first born. 

My niece, Mandi, came over last week, and brought my great nephews, Hunter, age 6 and Hayden age 3.  Hunter whispered to me that Hayden had said the 'F-word'.  'You don't mean it'  I said.  Hunter leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'Hayden said f-a-r-t.  Mama said he's supposed to say 'toot'. 

Stay tuned, same time, same station.


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