Thursday, June 9, 2011

Catching up with the Past

I have spent a far amount of time lately, connecting with friends from high school, on Facebook.  It has been fun to get in touch with girls, most of whom, the last time I saw, were in their teens, women who are now 6 years away from drawing social security benefits.  Naturally, I want to look at recent photos of them, to see who has become more 'voluptous' or 'zaftig' like me. I had a conversation with my nephew, Carson, before I left Florida and came home last week. I had to explain the difference in raw bony, (like his Mama), and voluptuous, (like me, soft, and cuddly). While I'm very pleased on the days that I can get in a pair of size 12 jeans, I'm just as happy on the days that I wear cut off bottoms to sweat pants and a tshirt, and lay around the house all day, like today.

 Angie started reeling off a list of things she wanted me to do today. I acted like I was asleep when she left this morning. Does the outside storage room need to be cleaned out more today, then it did, 3 months ago, when I went to Florida, when the weather was much cooler? Do I really give a damn about what is in there, in the first place?  I had a friend who lived in Savannah, she made a statement that has become my testimony in past months. Heather famously remarked "she didn't want any more shit than she could have loaded up in her car and be on the road in 30 minutes time".  I had the opportunity to be at a cocktail party on Turner's Rock 8 years ago, with Heather, and her on again/off again lover of the past
35 years.  Louie looked at on the crowd of women and said to Heather " I bet I have made love to 75% of the women here" Heather quickly replied " Yeah, but I bet it was only once". She was quick, clever, and well traveled. Heather suffered a massive stroke, and spent the last few months of her life in a nursing home. I  like to think she had no control of her mind. How said it would have been to have a brilliant mind, trapped in a dying body.

I've been giving away things for years. Angie is always scolding me about giving away things that she wants. Angie owns a house twice the size of mine, my thoughts are, if she wants them, all she she to do is take them. Same thing goes for my son, my nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.  I did pack up almost 100 books today to take to the Good Will. If I really love a book, I will re-read it over and over. I collect books from Southern authors, some whom I have had the good fortune to become friends, such as Rosemary Daniell, Lauretta Hannon, Hollis Gillespie, and others of reputable note. Others are by legends like Faulkner, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty, Ferrol Sams, and other literary giants. I also collect cook books, I must have close to 400 by now. I love reading them. I haven't cooked in quite awhile, as a matter of fact, Angie told me last night our oven has been on the blink since Christmas. (another thing she has put on the list, call Wesley at Town's and see when he came come out and fit it).

While visiting St Simons a few years ago, my friend Karen and I stopped at an Estate Sale. A lovely woman who was clearly in her 70's was selling beautiful silver serving pieces, incredible table linens, including hand tatted cocktail napkins (you don't see those everyday). I asked about the cocktails napkins, and was told the seller's unmarried old aunts had handmade them for her when she was a young bride." Why would you get rid of an heirloom like this" I asked. "My two children are  boys, both are married to complete bitches, I have four of the most ungrateful grandchildren ever to be conceived, and to speak frankly, (like she wasn't already), I would rather wipe my dog's ass with them, then to see them go to any of my family".  I bought the cocktail napkins, not because I thought I would get much use out of them, but because I loved the story that came with them.  I also bought great sterling derby cups, and a few silver trays. The derby cups and the silver trays are still in the bag I brought them home in, unpolished and in the storage room. A great story didn't accompany them.  I'll get around to polishing them, it's just not on the top, middle or near the bottom of my list. 

I didn't inherit any items from my grandparents. All were hardworking people, who dearly loved their families, but had few worldly things to leave.  I was in an antique shop in Waynesboro, Georgia about 10 years ago, and bought a beautiful set of English china from the 1920's. The reason I bought it was due to the way it was marketed, a huge sign read "My Grandmother's wedding china".  It's  now in my condo in Atlanta. I have never used it, but, I do have two plates hanging on the wall, when asked about it, I have the stock reply "it was my Grandmother's wedding china". Now, you know the rest of the story, kinda like Paul Harvey.

Stay tuned tomorrow, same time, same station.

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